Green Entrepreneurship Studies


Installation period

July, 2023-June, 2026


  • Sachio SENMOTO(RENOVA, Inc. Chairman Emeritus and Assurant, Inc. Chairman)
    Akihiko MORI


This endowed chair aims to develop research and education in an area that links green management activities aimed at maintaining and improving the rich natural environment, which is a prerequisite for a sustainable human society, and entrepreneurship, which aims to solve social problems and realize new social values by utilizing market mechanisms. The program will conduct multifaceted and interdisciplinary education and research in management, finance, and accounting in order to produce talented individuals who can play an active role in the areas where green and entrepreneurship intersect. By promoting education and research in the area of green entrepreneurship, this course aims to contribute to improving the knowledge and abilities of not only current students of the Graduate School of Business Administration, but also practitioners and researchers in this important area.

Offer lectures with high practical skills, including lectures by practitioners active in the green entrepreneurship field, to help improve the knowledge level and practical skills of students of the Graduate School of Business Administration.

We will collect and analyze best practices from Japan and abroad, promote theorizing, and disseminate the results of these surveys and research widely through symposiums and other events in order to educate Japanese society.


  • Norio SAWABEProfessor
  • Jin-ichiro YAMADAProfessor
  • Sachio SEMMOTO GSM Distinguished Professor
  • Masaru KARUBEAdjunct Professor
  • Asako KIMURAAdjunct Professor
  • YANG, I-Chieh MichelleAssociate Professor
  • Alexandra Elena CarstSenior Lecturer